New to our show?

If you are new to the Antigua Charter Yacht Show or have not attended for a couple of years, here’s how It works.

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show has an excellent selection of charter
yachts ready for: 

1. Charter broker and press inspection and crew interviews.

2. Non-Exhibiting Vendors go boat to boat introducing their product or service.

Arriving at our event 

1. On arrival all show attendees must come to the Hospitality Desk which is located in the Copper & Lumber Store Hotel, Nelson’s Dockyard. On the 4th of December, early registration day attendees can register from 2.30pm to 6.30pm. On all other show days the Hospitality Desk is open from 7.30am to 5.30pm.

2. Register at the Hospitality Desk and pick up your Show Identity Pass, Show Program, Dock Plans, Bag etc. The program includes the schedule of events, a list of exhibiting yachts, brokers, non-exhibiting vendors, and press, plus lots of valuable information.

3. Your identity pass must be worn at all times and to all functions.

4. Follow the schedule of events closely so as not to miss any event you may want to attend.

Getting around the show

5. The show shuttle can take you to Nelson’s Dockyard Marina, Falmouth Harbour Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. You can move from marina to marina on the shuttle, which will be waiting in front of each marina. This service is available between 9am and 6pm.

6. There are golf cart shuttles at the Nelson’s Dockyard Marina and Falmouth Harbour Marina to help you get to the yachts.

7. Evening shuttles are available between 6pm and midnight to take you back to your hotels from Nelson’s Dockyard or Antigua Yacht Club. These shuttles will be waiting in front of the marinas and there is also a number you can call in your show program on the shuttle page. Please note that if you need transport to your hotel after midnight, a fee will be charged .

8. A St James Club shuttle runs for all attendees who are staying at this hotel.

Brokers, Press & Vendors

9. Brokers and press will be given a tour of the yacht and will be able to interview crew whilst onboard.

10. Priority is always given to the brokers. Non-exhibiting vendors will not be offered a tour, they will work around the brokers and must ask to meet the captain, chef, engineer or crew member they want to see to introduce their product.

11. Evening yacht hops. Brokers and press are invited to all open house yacht hops.

12. It is at the yacht's discretion as to whether the non-exhibiting vendors are invited to these events, please ask the yachts if you wish to attend and are not a yacht broker.

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