All you need to know about prices, dates, and how to be part of the show.

Yacht Registration Rates

Size In Feet  / Size In Meters  / USD Rate  / EC Rate

Up to 80ft / Up to 24m  / USD $1,700.00 / $4,590.00

81-100ft / 25 - 30m / USD $2,100.00 / $5,670.00

101 -120ft / 31 - 36m / USD $2,900.00 / $7,830.00

121-140ft / 37 - 42m / USD $3,500.00 / $9,450.00

141 -160ft / 43 - 48m / USD $4,300.00 / $11,610.00

161 -180ft / 49 - 54m / USD $5,100.00 / $13,770.00

181 -200ft / 55 - 60m / USD $5,900.00 / $15,930.00

201 -230ft / 61 - 70m / USD $6,800.00 / $18,360.00

231ft & over / 71m & over / USD $7,500.00 / $20,250.00

Benefit from a 10% discount on your yacht registration fee when you register between June 1st and August 31st, 2024. The regular registration fees above apply thereafter.

Yachts for Sale Registration Rates

USD $900.00 June 1 - August 31st, 2024

USD $1000.00 After August 31st, 2024

Brokers / Agents Registration Rates

USD $180.00 June 1st - August 31st, 2024

USD $200.00 After August 31st, 2024

Benefit from registering early. Get a 10% discount if registered and paid by August 31st 2024. 

Non-Exhibiting Vendor Registration Rates

Marine vendors can only register two (2) show participants from each company.
This is due to the popularity of this category and to keep the broker : vendor ratio in check. We advise any marine vendor to register and receive confirmation of their participation at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show prior to making their travel arrangements. There is a limit to marine vendors numbers.

USD $405.00 June 1st - August 31st, 2024

USD $450.00 After August 31st, 2024

Benefit from registering early. Get a 10% discount if registered and paid by August 31st 2024. 

Important Information

Your name will not appear on the official List of Attendees on our website until your registration fee has been paid.

Registration check-in takes place at the Hospitality Desk in Nelson's Dockyard. If your registration fee has not been paid in advance you will be subject to a late fee.

Crew Placement:

Crew Placement Companies will be categorised as non-exhibiting vendors and should register as such. Captains will be advised that Crew Placement Companies (Yellow Badges) will be able to visit yachts at any time during show viewing hours, and they should welcome them on board unless they are busy with brokers.

Payments Methods

Bank Transfer Information

Intermediary Bank:

Bank of America, N.A.
100 33rd Street West
New York, NY 10001
ABA: 026-009-593

Beneficiary Bank:

Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank
1000 Airport Blvd
Beneficiary Name: Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting
Beneficiary Account: 122000197

Wire Transfer Fee:

Incoming Wires: $40.00USD
Outgoing Wires: $60.00USD

Cancellation Policy

General Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations prior to October 15th will get 100% refund LESS BANK CHARGES.

Cancellations after October 15th and up until October 31st will get 50% credit for the next year's show. Please note that the credit is non-transferable and is only valid for one year.

Cancellations on and after November 1st will receive NO refund.

New Trading Regulations

Notice is given that The National Parks (Trading) Regulations requires persons doing business in the National Park to hold a licence issued by the National Parks Authority. The Regulations also prohibit individuals or partnerships who are non-citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, or who are not in possession of a valid work permit issued under the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Code, or a company which is not incorporated under the laws of Antigua & Barbuda or registered as an external company and in possession of a registration number issued by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue from being granted a license. Offenders can face a number of fines and penalties including imprisonment of up to 6 months if caught in violation of the Trading Regulations.

This is applicable to the English Harbour area where the Antigua Charter Yacht Show is held.

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show is organized, managed and promoted exclusively by the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting Inc. (ACYM), a non-profit organization duly organized licensed and operating under the laws of Antigua & Barbuda. ACYM has the sole and exclusive rights to organize plan and hosts the Antigua Charter Yacht Show and all events held during the show are required to be approved by and held under the auspices of the ACYM.

We invite you to contact our offices to discuss ACYM approved opportunities that may be available for your business during the Yacht Show to avoid being sanctioned by the Authority.


We offer some of the lowest dockage fees in the Caribbean.

Please note, dockage is not included in the registration fee. Please indicate your preferred marina during the registration process and contact them to book the yacht's dockage and position.

Nelson's Dockyard Marina

Tel: 1 (268) 481 5035
Fax: 1 (268) 481 5030

Antigua Yacht Club Marina

Tel: 1 (268) 460 1544
Fax: 1 (268) 460 1444

Falmouth Harbour Marina

Tel: 1 (268) 460 6054
Fax: 1 (268) 460 6055

Transport during the show and deliveries

Shuttles will be available during the show. Shuttles may be identified by ACYM banners on the sides of the buses. Find out more about getting around the show marinas during your stay here:

local transport


Wanting to ship something to our venue?

If you need to ship products or marketing material to us for the show, we can suggest a few companies to help facilitate this. Please note these are external companies and Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting is not responsible for any shipping, brokerage and custom duties:

local amenities


Our 10% early booking discount will be valid between 1 June and 31 August, so be sure to book early to take advantage of this fantastic offer!


If you have any questions, please get in touch with our helpful team who will be able to assist you.

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