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When is the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2023?

December 4th-9th 2023 at the Nelson's Dockyard UNESCO World Heritage Site in beautiful Antigua.

Where can I pick up my show badge?

Show badges can be collected from the registration desk in the Hospitality Center at the Copper and Lumber Store at any time during the show.

Where's good to host business meetings and meals?

1. The Admiral's Inn - Pillar's Restaurant (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

2. Boom at Gunpowder House (morning coffee & lunch)

3. Copper and Lumber Store Hotel (breakfast & lunch)

4. The Galley Bar (lunch & dinner)

5. Hot Spot Cafe (breakfast & lunch)

6. La Brasserie d'Antigua (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

7. MAIA Lounge & Restaurant at South Point (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

8. Antigua Yacht Club Club Sushi & Steak House (lunch & dinner)

9. Bar-B's Restaurant and Bar (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

10. Lucky Eddi's Antigua Sports Bar and Restaurant (lunch & dinner)

11. Paparazzi Pizzeria and Bar (lunch & dinner)

12. Catherine's Cafe (lunch and dinner)

13. Colibri French Créole Restaurant (dinner)

14. Indian Summer French Créole Restaurant (lunch and dinner)

15. Roquita (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

16. Ti LoLo (lunch & dinner)

17. Terrace - The Inn at English Harbour (dinner)

18. Lite N' Eze Bar & Restaurant (Tuesday - Sundays, lunch & dinner)

Will there be transportation to the Welcome Dinner?

Shuttles will be at the three marinas from 6.45pm on Tuesday 5th December to take people to Clarence House for the Welcome Caribbean-Style Dinner event, which kicks off at 7pm. Show badges must be worn to gain entry. We'll also be putting on return shuttles at the end of the evening. 

Is there parking at Clarence House where the Welcome Dinner is being held?

Unfortunately there is no parking available on-site at Clarence House, so you'll need to either use the shuttle service, which is being offered from the three marinas from 6.45pm, or arrange to get dropped off.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with our helpful team who will be able to assist you.

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