Registration opens 1st June!

Registration for the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2024 will open on 1st June with a brand new registration portal being launched! The portal has a fab new look and will make the entire registration process simpler and more user-friendly too.

 14th May 2024

 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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new registration portal

Registering for ACYM 2024 is easy! Simply hit the 'register' button on our home page and sign up to the new portal as a new user. Even if you’ve registered in previous years, you’ll have to re-register on the new system. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to quickly log in when returning to the portal in the future. Complete a simple online form and submit. We'll then be in touch to finalize your booking and take payment.

When signing up for the first time, you’ll need to set up a new account, so you’ll be asked for your full name, email address and phone number. You’ll then need to choose a username and password for your new account, followed by your company name and details including address, email address, phone number and website.

Did you know - if you register and pay for your place by 31st August, you’ll receive a 10% discount! So don’t delay, be one of our earlybird bookers!

For detailed information on all rates charged, important information, payment methods, our cancellation policy and the new trading regulations, please visit our registration page.

What’s on at the show?

The show will have an excellent selection of charter yachts in attendance, ready for inspections from charter brokers and press, crew interviews and for non-exhibiting vendors to go boat to boat introducing their product or service. It provides the ideal opportunity for members of the yachting industry to network and discover what’s on offer and to secure the best services for their yachts or clients.

The event schedule includes:

Captain’s Briefing

The Captain of each yacht should attend the yacht registration and Captain's Briefing for final instructions. This will be held on 4th December 2024 at 12.30pm. Captains should then brief their crew on how the show runs. 

Concours de Chef

All yacht chefs and crew are invited to showcase their creative talent by taking part in our Concours de Chef culinary and tablescaping competition, which will focus on the guest charter experience. It’s the ideal opportunity for each yacht to showcase what they offer their guests. The competition will be made up of a number of size categories including yachts 160ft and over, 126-159ft, and 125ft and under. There will be a theme that contestants will need to follow and use as a focus for their courses - this will be announced in the near future. Read more about how the competition works, discover the results of last year’s competition, and check out our fantastic photo gallery!

Yacht viewings

Brokers, vendors and press will have the opportunity to view the yachts daily from 9.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5.30pm from the 5th to the 8th December. This gives Captains the chance to showcase their offering to those who will be promoting charter yachts to others.

Information Hours

A range of Information Hours will be held throughout the show at the Copper and Lumber Store Hotel, Nelson’s Dockyard. Topics to be confirmed nearer the time.

A range of evening social events

- Antigua Sundowners Evening on the 4th

- Welcome Cocktail Networking Event on the 5th

- Antigua Yacht Club and Falmouth Harbour Marina Night on the 6th 

- Nelson’s Dockyard Marina Night on the 7th

- ACYM After Show Mingle on the 8th

Where should I stay during the event?

We have compiled a list of some great hotels that are conveniently located for the show. Ranging in style from beautifully historic to modern luxury, we highly recommend the following accommodation: 

What happens upon arrival at the event?

Upon arrival, we ask all show attendees to come to the Hospitality Desk which is located in the Copper & Lumber Store Hotel, Nelson’s Dockyard. On the 4th of December attendees can register from 2.30pm to 6.30pm. On all other show days the Hospitality Desk is open from 7.30am to 5.30pm.

You’ll receive your Show Identity Pass, Dock Plans and Bag. The Show Catalogue, which includes the schedule of events, a list of exhibiting yachts, brokers, non-exhibiting vendors and press, and other useful information, can be downloaded from the website nearer to the show date. 

Be sure to follow the schedule of events closely so as not to miss any event you may wish to attend. Please note that you must wear your identity pass to all functions at all times.

How can I get around the event?

  • We provide a show shuttle to transport you from marina to marina, and these can be found in front of each marina. This service is available between 9am and 6pm. 

  • There are also golf cart shuttles at Nelson’s Dockyard Marina and Falmouth Harbour Marina to help you get to the yachts.

  • Evening shuttles are available between 6pm and midnight to take you back to your hotels from Nelson’s Dockyard or Antigua Yacht Club. These shuttles will be waiting in front of the marinas and there is also a number you can call in your show program on the shuttle page.

  • Please note that if you need transport to your hotel after midnight, a fee will be charged.

I’m a broker / vendor / press - what extras will I be offered?

  • Brokers and press will be given yacht tours and will be able to interview crew whilst onboard.

  • Brokers and press are invited to all open house evening yacht hops. It is at the yacht's discretion as to whether non-exhibiting vendors are invited to these events, please ask the yachts if you wish to attend and are not a broker.

  • Priority is always given to the brokers. Non-exhibiting vendors will not be offered a tour, they will work around the brokers and must ask to meet the captain, chef, engineer or crew member they want to see to introduce their product.

Visit our fantastic new registration portal from 1 June to register for the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2024! If you have any specific enquiries, please get in touch!

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 14th May 2024

 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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