Chef's Competition

chef competition winner

For the 19th Annual Chefs Culinary Contest 2018

This years theme is:

A New Years Eve Dinner Party


A New Years Eve Decorative Table Setting

Sponsored by: Boat International Media Group, Boat International USA, Dockwalk, Kennedy's Club

Antigua Charter Yacht Show

Chefs Competition 2018 Winners


The 2018 Chefs Competition was a massive success with the chefs really enjoying this years theme.  Three prominent charter brokers filled in guest preference forms for a New Years Eve Dinner Party Celebration and the chefs had to cook to guest preferences.


The winners in the 160ft and over category:

1stplace Chef Peter “Frosty” Frost aboard MY Eternity

2ndplace Chef Micail Swindalls aboard MY Go

3rdplace Chef David Pearson aboard MY Galaxy

Table scaping winner : Echo Flores from MY Eternity


Winners in the 126 to 159ft category:

1stplace Chef Sebastian Springer aboard MY Harle

2ndplace Chef Jamie Sparks aboard MY Berilda

3rdplace Chef Philip Clarke aboard MY Ruya

Table scaping winner: Robyne McNeil from Berilda


Winners in the yachts up to 125ft:

1stplace Chef Desree Pierce aboard Catamaran Joy

2ndplace Chef Inn Boisson aboard MY Arion

3rdplace Chef Ely Reyad aboard MY Unbridled

Table scaping winner: Katie Kisch from Unbridled

Registration opens on:

Monday 15th October 2018 - 9am Eastern Caribbean Time

We can only accept 10 yachts in each category and successful entries will receive an email within 48hrs of registering.  The mandatory Briefing for all confirmed entries is on:

Tuesday 4th December 2018, 3.30pm  

Hospitality Area, Copper & Lumber Store Hotel, Nelsons Dockyard

Competition categories and judging days, the exact time judges will come aboard will be given at the briefing: 

1.  Yachts 160ft and Over Judged on Wednesday 5th December 2018

2.  Yachts 126ft to 159ft Judged on Thursday 6th December 2018

3. Yacht 125ft and Under Judged on Friday 7th December 2018

Two great competitions in one ...The culinary Contest and the Table Decorating contest

Chefs you are asked to create a very special NEW YEARS EVE DINNER PARTY for your charter guests.

Stewardess/Stewards: Create an attractive NEW YEARS EVE TABLE SETTING to celebrate this special evening 

NB: The Guest Preference Info is not in yet! But there will  be special dietary criteria for each category.  Plus information on how your charter guests want to celebrate this special evening.  Once you have successfully entered the competition you will be sent your guest preferences and dietary criteria.


1. You are asked to create a first course, a main course and a dessert for your celebration New Years Eve dinner.  Showcasing your talent and skills by creating your very best most creative dishes for your charter guests.

2.  You will be given the special dietary requirement to work around once you have successfully entered and receive confirmation.

3.  You will have 30 minutes to serve your three course menu to the panel of judges.  You can serve taster size dishes and one full size presentation dish for photography.

4.  The competition will be held onboard the yacht and a panel of judges will come aboard at the time given to you at the Chefs Briefing.

5.  Judging criteria: Originality/Creativity - Taste/Flavour - Presentation - Execution/Technique - Adhering to the guest preferences - Overall Impression


1.  You can serve your New Years Eve Dinner in any location you wish, outside, inside, dinning saloon, aft deck, sundeck, the choice is yours.

2.  Your decorated table setting should be the same table where the chef serves his creations.

3. Judging criteria: Originality/Creativity - Adhering to the guest preferences and New Years Eve Theme - Overall Impression


The awards ceremony: Saturday 8th December from 5.30pm at The Admirals Inn, Nelsons Dockyard.

All yachts that have entered the completion please bring along the crew for support.  

CHEFS: A winner and 2 runners up will be chosen from each category

TABLE SETTING: A winner will be chosen from each category