Huge thanks to our sponsors!

We’d like to say a big thank you to the organisations that sponsored the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2023 - each and every one of you helped make the show possible and we truly appreciate your support.

 22nd January 2024

 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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We were lucky enough to receive sponsorship from 11 companies this year, and their contributions really made all the difference to the smooth running of the show.

Sponsors are important not only for their financial input, but also because of the credibility that being associated with such leading global yachting players lends to our event. The fact that they wish to be associated with us reinforces how great our show is!

Benefits of sponsorship

Sponsoring our show is a great way to immerse your business in one of the most prestigious charter yacht events in the world whilst also raising awareness of your company in the presence of a very relevant audience.

Brand visibility
Our sponsors gain increased brand visibility and exposure by aligning themselves with our event. What’s more, our sponsorship agreements allow prominent logo placement, mentions and acknowledgments, which are likely to lead to heightened brand recognition among the target audience.

Targeted marketing
Sponsoring our event will enable you to reach a specific audience that aligns with your target market. Our event will attract your desired demographic, enabling you to engage directly with potential customers or supporters.

Enhanced brand image
Associating with our reputable event through sponsorship is highly likely to enhance a sponsor's brand image and reputation. It creates positive brand associations and demonstrates the sponsor's commitment to community engagement and supporting the industry.

Networking opportunities
Sponsorship provides opportunities for networking and relationship building with key stakeholders, including event organisers, brokers, agents, vendors and other sponsors. These connections can lead to new business partnerships, collaborations and increased industry visibility.

Competitive advantage
Sponsoring an event such as the Antigua Charter Yacht Show can help a sponsor stand out from their competitors. It showcases the sponsor's commitment to supporting a specific industry, providing a unique selling point that can differentiate the brand in the market.

Brand loyalty
Sponsorship allows sponsors to connect with audiences on an emotional level. By supporting events that resonate with people's interests or values, sponsors can foster brand loyalty and create lasting impressions.

Return on investment
Sponsorship can provide a measurable return on investment. Sponsors can track various metrics, such as increased brand awareness, website traffic, social media engagement, lead generation and sales attributed to the sponsorship, to evaluate the effectiveness and success of their sponsorship efforts.

A reminder of our 2023 sponsors…

Safe Harbor Marinas
Safe Harbor is the largest owner and operator of marinas in the world. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional service and memorable experiences to the global boating community. Safe Harbor’s network of 135 locations includes 20 locations serving superyachts 150’ to 455’ from Maine to the Caribbean.

Nicholson Yachts
In the glamorous world of yachting, don’t be distracted by glitz. Founded 1949 in Antigua, Nicholson is the original charter yacht company. Caribbean, New England, NYC, Florida - boutique offices - personal, customised Charter, Marketing, Management, Purchase, Sale – by a team of highly experienced professionals, possessing knowledge and expertise to assist owners in defraying the cost of luxury yacht ownership.

MYS Worldwide Yacht Services
MYS is an international Yacht Agency founded with the mission to offer the most reliable personalised services to yachts cruising the world. With offices in the USA, Bahamas, Italy, Monaco & Spain MYS’s mission of 'Sailing above expectations' is their guarantee.

Shoreside Support
Shoreside Support is the global leader in yacht provisioning, making the lives of yacht chefs easier, more productive and efficient. They supply a full range of galley and interior provisions for yachts of all sizes and are the leading provisioner in the USA, Bahamas and Caribbean for premium guest provisions, budget-friendly crew provisions and anything else you need, anywhere you go.

Founded in 2011, mymuybueno offers luxury food and lifestyle services, emphasising core values like Pride and Integrity. Their divisions encompass the world's largest MCA-accredited Private Chefs agency, Captains and Interior agencies, the MACA online culinary academy featuring renowned chefs, Luxuryware for plates, and Lifestyle, our superyacht, private jet and caviar.

Premier Cru Retail Stores
Premier Cru Retail Stores, a Subsidiary of Premier Beverages Ltd, is an Antiguan & Barbudan based retail chain offering the most convenient way to purchase fine wines, liquors, cigars, beverages and more. In addition to our vast selection of Rose wines, we also offer organic and biodynamic wines, as well as exclusive collector selections. Flagship: Cavalier & English Harbour Rums.

BOAT International
BOAT International: the leading global multimedia, entertainment and market intelligence brand, serving the superyacht world for nearly 40 years. We connect, inform and entertain those with a shared interest and passion for superyachts and the lifestyle around them.

At OmniAccess, innovation is in our DNA as we have transformed from a small IT support team for yachts in Palma de Mallorca to the leading provider in the yachting sector for Cybersecurity, Maritime Connectivity, and Onboard Network Solutions. Always adapting to the evolving superyacht needs, we ensure an unparalleled internet experience for guests and crew. Our solutions prioritise user experience and safeguard sensitive data. Our UNITY platform, born from this vision, represents our promise to revolutionise outdated solutions and become your trusted technology partner. Today, we continue to push boundaries and offer tailor-made solutions that truly add value to every aspect of the maritime experience.

Marina Port Tarraco
Marina Port Tarraco, an Ocibar Marina, is located in Tarragona, a destination in the heart of the western Mediterranean.Marina Port Tarraco is designed and equipped to offer a comfortable, safe and pleasant stay throughout the year. We offer 32 berths between 40 and 160 meters and a 24-hour security service. Our modern facilities provide absolute privacy, we have all the services and security protocols to ensure a warm welcome and personalised assistance to all vessels and their crew . A variety of specialised companies can provide services and supplies to the yachts. Port Tarraco is the best prepared Marina to work afloat.

Liquid Yacht Wear
Over the past 26 years Liquid Yacht Wear has developed into an internationally recognized brand. With retail stores in both the USA and France, Liquid’s capabilities range from outfitting your newly built yacht to resupplying your current uniform requirements. Liquid is the leading edge for stylish, functional uniforms.

YATCO, the Trusted Global Marketplace of YachtingTM, is the world leading online service dedicated exclusively to central sales and charter listings. The company supports more than $7.5 billion a year in sold vessel transactions through its BOSS (Back Office Software Solution). YATCO streamlines business and offers greater reach for listings.

Get in touch with us via our website contact form, drop us an email at or give us a call on +1 (268) 464-1784 to discuss sponsorship opportunities for ACYM 2024…




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 22nd January 2024

 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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