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Whether you’re new to the show or you’re simply unsure what may have changed since last year, check out our helpful FAQs to find out all you need to know!

 9th October 2023

 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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Finding the answers to any questions you may have will set your mind at rest that you’re well-prepared for the fantastic experience to come! You could even use the information to plan an itinerary for yourself or perhaps a checklist of things to do upon arrival. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy the show and the beautiful island of Antigua, safe in the knowledge you’re well prepared.


Q. When and where is the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2023?

A. Monday 4th December - Saturday 9th December 2023 at the Nelson's Dockyard UNESCO World Heritage Site in Antigua.

Q. How can I register?

A.  Simply click register on our homepage and follow the instructions!

Q. Is the registration process simple?

A. It couldn’t be simpler! Hit the 'register' tab on our home page, log in or sign up, complete a simple online form and submit. We'll then be in touch to finalise your booking and take the fee payment.

Q. How much is the registration fee?

A. That depends on what capacity you’re registering in - there are different fees for yachts, yachts for sale, brokers/agents and non-exhibiting vendors - check the individual rates here!

Q. Are there additional dockage fees for yachts?

A. Yes, these are not included in the registration fee, but we offer some of the lowest dockage fees in the Caribbean. Please indicate your preferred marina during the registration process and contact them directly to book the yacht's dockage and position.

Q. What do I need to do after I’ve registered?

A. Once you’ve registered you’ll need to book your flights and your accommodation in Antigua. Think about whether you’re flying in just for the show or if you plan to tag on a few days either side. You’ll also need to think about airport transfers and getting around while you’re here - check out our helpful blog for more info.

Q. Where are the best places to stay?

A. Check out our recommended hotels and resorts, and keep in mind that St James's Club is offering a 10% discount to show attendees! There are also many other fantastic accommodation options to choose from, so if our recommended ones are fully booked or unsuitable, visit or for others.

Q. Can I ship products and marketing materials to the show ahead of time?

A. Yes you can. If you're US-based, contact one of our approved shipping companies to help facilitate this - Total Imports Antigua Ltd or Kess Imports. All shipments must arrive and be cleared through customs by 28 November.


Q. Will there be Airport Meet & Greets this year?

Yes - our Meet & Greet dates will be the 3rd and 4th December 2023. Our representatives will be present upon arrival with sign boards and to assist with shuttle transfers from the airport.

Q. What should I do upon arrival?

A. Upon arrival all show attendees must come to the Hospitality Desk which is located in the Copper & Lumber Store Hotel, Nelson’s Dockyard. On the 4th of December, early registration day attendees can register from 2.30pm to 6.30pm. On all other show days the Hospitality Desk is open from 7.30am to 5.30pm.

Q. Where can I pick up my show badge?

A. Show badges - otherwise known as show identity passes - can be collected from the Hospitality Desk at the Copper and Lumber Store Hotel. You should collect this upon arrival and you will also receive a show program, dock plans, bag etc.  Your identity pass must be worn at all times and to all functions.

Q. How can I tell who is who?

A. Each different type of attendee will have a different colour identity pass as follows:

Brokers are RED
Press are BLUE
Crew Placement Agencies are YELLOW 
Marine Vendors are GREEN
Sponsors are PURPLE

Q. What’s the best way to get around the show?

A. Show shuttles will be provided from December 5th to 8th and can be identified by ACYM banners that are positioned on the sides of the buses. These shuttles will transport you between Nelson’s Dockyard Marina, Falmouth Harbour Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. The shuttles wait in front of each marina and this service is available between 9am and 6pm.

There will also be golf carts with chauffeurs standing by at Nelson's Dockyard Marina to shuttle show attendees down the docks to view the yachts. The golf carts will circle the marina picking up and dropping off passengers along the way. There are also evening shuttles, taxi options and some hotels offer shuttle services too - find out more


Q. Who will be attending the show?

A. Our numbers are increasing daily, but so far we have over 65 yachts signed up to attend, over 120 brokers/managers, more than 85 marine vendors, a number of sponsors, and a range of press including Boat International, Boat International Media, Ship to Shore Inc and Taylor Media.

Q. I’m a broker, what can I expect from the show?

A. Priority is always given to the brokers. Brokers will be given a tour of any yacht they’re interested in and will be able to interview crew whilst onboard. Brokers are also invited to all open house evening yacht hops.

Q. I’m press, what can I expect from the show?

A. Press will be given a tour of any yacht they’re interested in and will be able to interview crew whilst onboard. Members of the press are also invited to all open house evening yacht hops.

Q. I’m a vendor, what can I expect from the show?

A. Vendors will not be offered yacht tours and they must work around the brokers and ask to meet the captain, chef, engineer or crew member they want to see to introduce their product. It is at the yacht's discretion as to whether the vendors are invited to open house evening yacht hops - please ask the yachts if you wish to attend and are not a yacht broker.

Q. What is there for yacht captains and crew to get involved in?

A. The Captain of each yacht should attend the yacht registration and Captain's Briefing on 4th December 2023 at 12.30pm for final instructions. Here we will share tips and best practices to enhance the experience for you and your crew.

We hold a Chef Competition whereby we invite all yacht chefs to showcase their creative talent by taking part in our culinary competition. You'll be tasked with creating a three-course dining experience, with each course representing a different cuisine, country or culture. The courses will be inspired by your travels as a chef and will utilise sustainable products.

We also host a Tablescaping Competition whereby all stewards and stewardesses are invited to showcase what they're capable of creatively. Your task will be to present a tablescape that features a memorable locale or culture from your nomadic yacht travels, using sustainable products. Your decorated table setting should be in the same location where the chefs serve their creations and include place settings for six guests.

Q. What’s going on each day?

A. There’s lots going on each day of the show! Check out our detailed events schedule, but to give a brief overview, the yachts are open for viewings from 9.30am - 5.30pm, the various categories of the Concours de Chef competition will take place throughout the week with the prize-giving at the end, a variety of Informative Hour talks, and a different social event every night.

Q. What social events can I attend?

A. There is a different social event each evening as follows:

  • 4th: Antigua Sundowners Evening (this is a charity event and tickets must be purchased separately for this)

  • 5th: Welcome Cocktail Networking Event

  • 6th: Antigua Yacht Club and Falmouth Harbour Marina Night

  • 7th: Nelson’s Dockyard Marina Night

  • 8th: ACYM After Show Mingle

Ask us anything!

Visit our website to explore the schedule of events being offered at the show, as well as who’s attending. Please get in touch if you have any further questions that we haven’t answered here!

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 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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