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We are all deeply aware of the dire consequences of plastic waste in the marine environment that everyone in the show depends on. One major pollutant is plastic water bottles. We can all help to prevent these bottles getting into the sea and one way is relatively easy: if yachts make and serve their own filtered drinking water, for both clients and crew and shun plastic bottles, a huge source of plastic pollution is eradicated at a stroke.

 16th October 2023

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Of course, drinking water has to be safe, taste good and be as well presented as the yachts themselves. For the past several years the Charter Yacht Brokers Association has promoted and organised Designer Water Contests at yacht shows in the BVI, USVI, Antigua and Greece.

It’s fun, it’s important and many crew get involved (not only chefs) resulting in some innovative and very tasty drinking water. Use your imagination to create a thirst quenching, health benefitting, lightly flavoured drink that your guests will happily guzzle instead of fossil fuel intensive imports in plastic bottles. Pitch yourself against the most requested mineral waters out there and add another great selling point to charter your yacht. 

All CYBA brokers support this initiative, pledging to promote the concept in their client preference sheets, so clients are aware of why they’re drinking filtered water from the yacht. Charter guests are remarkably supportive of this drive to help rid the oceans of plastic. 

We’d love to see all charter yachts, their CAs and crews get with the programme. The contest is open to all yachts, takes less time than the Chefs’ Competition, can involve all crew and it’s important for us all. 

Judging will take place on the second day of the show – Wednesday, 6th. Awards giving on Friday, 8th  (TBC). Further details will be sent to all those who sign up.

Thank you for participating and look forward to seeing you there!

Sign up now to the CYBA Designer Water Competition to show your support for the protection of our oceans.

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 16th October 2023

competition / blog

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