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Becoming one of our sponsors is a great way to not only immerse your business in one of the largest and most prestigious charter yacht events in the world, but you’ll also raise awareness of your company and position your services in front of a very captive and relevant audience.

 10th July 2023

 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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Our sponsorship packages come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one to suit your business and your budget. Nothing is set in stone; we offer sponsorship packages as a guide but elements can be changed to suit the needs of our sponsors. If you like the sound of anything you see here, please contact us to discuss further.

ACYM sponsorship

For over 60 years, the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting (ACYM) has been gathering yachts in Antigua as they come to the Caribbean for the winter yachting season. The event has a long tradition of working with commercial partners, many of whom have supported the event for decades, contributing products and services to promote the event. The sponsorship opportunities are designed to be an integral part of the show.

There are opportunities to sponsor these areas:

  • Headline Sponsor

  • Welcome Cocktail Reception

  • Captain's Briefing

  • After Show Mingle

  • Golf Carts

  • Shuttle Marina Buses

  • Concours De Chef

  • More packages available

Some of the perks that you’ll enjoy as a sponsor include:

◆ Company advert in the ACYM digital show catalogue.

◆ Promotional material placed inside the captains' bags.

◆ Company name/logo displayed on the TV screen at the Hospitality Desk.

◆ Company name/logo and info (50 words) to be displayed on the ACYM website. 

◆ Company name/logo banner to be displayed on the ACYM website. 

◆ Company name/logo to be included in the digital show catalogue and all ACYM related press releases and other selected official show communications. 

◆ In addition, recognition and brand exposure is available through other opportunities.

◆ Complimentary non-exhibiting vendor passes.

Why become a sponsor?

Brand visibility
Our sponsors will gain increased brand visibility and exposure by aligning themselves with our event. What’s more, our sponsorship agreements will involve prominent logo placement, mentions and acknowledgments, which are likely to lead to heightened brand recognition among the target audience.

Targeted marketing
Sponsoring our event will enable you to reach a specific audience that aligns with your target market. Our event will attract your desired demographic, enabling you to engage directly with potential customers or supporters.

Enhanced brand image
Associating with our reputable event through sponsorship is highly likely to enhance a sponsor's brand image and reputation. It creates positive brand associations and demonstrates the sponsor's commitment to community engagement and supporting the industry.

Networking opportunities
Sponsorship provides opportunities for networking and relationship building with key stakeholders, including event organisers, brokers, agents, vendors and other sponsors. These connections can lead to new business partnerships, collaborations and increased industry visibility.

Competitive advantage
Sponsoring an event such as this can help a sponsor stand out from their competitors. It showcases the sponsor's commitment to supporting a specific industry, providing a unique selling point that can differentiate the brand in the market.

Brand loyalty
Sponsorship allows sponsors to connect with audiences on an emotional level. By supporting events that resonate with people's interests or values, sponsors can foster brand loyalty and create lasting impressions.

Return on investment
Sponsorship can provide a measurable return on investment. Sponsors can track various metrics, such as increased brand awareness, website traffic, social media engagement, lead generation and sales attributed to the sponsorship, to evaluate the effectiveness and success of their sponsorship efforts.

Show highlights

Deciding to become an ACYM sponsor will be a great move for your business as you’ll not only reap the rewards of all the benefits mentioned above, but you’ll also get to experience and be part of our amazing show itself! Highlights include:

  • Daily yacht viewings from 9.30am - 5.30pm.

  • A selection of Informative Hour presentations on interesting and relevant topics.

  • Concours de Chef yacht competitions.

  • Chef and Steward/Stewardess competitions.

  • Social events each evening, including the Antigua Sundowners Evening on Night 1, Welcome Cocktail Networking Event on Night 2, Antigua Yacht Club and Falmouth Harbour Marina Night on Night 3, Nelson’s Dockyard Marina Night on Night 4, and the ACYM After Show Mingle on Night 5.

Find out more about the show by reading our guide to ACYM 2023

What do some of our past sponsors and attendees have to say?

“What an incredible experience for DY's first time at the ACYM! An amazing organising team, a beautiful setting and a great opportunity to meet key players in the Caribbean yachting world. See you next year!”
Drones for Yachts 

“The Antigua Charter Yacht Show is one of the favourites for Liquid Yacht Wear's team to attend. It’s a great show in a beautiful location, and it’s perfect for one-on-one interaction with our potential and existing clients.”
Kingston White Liquid Yacht Wear

“I would like to thank the Antigua Show organisers and staff for their flexibility, professionalism and friendliness. The show was great as always, the post-show activities and events equally interesting and entertaining. It is a great place to network and to meet local agents and people helping the yachting industry to succeed in that region.”
Yasmine Naitijja, Charter Management Y.CO

“Last year’s show was well organised and an excellent opportunity to connect with professionals in the yachting industry, share ideas and insights and present our yachts to worldwide brokers in Antigua.”
Andreea Dobrea Monaco, Burgess

We’d love to hear from you!

Get in touch with us via our website contact form, drop us an email at or give us a call on +1 (268) 464-1784 to discuss ACYM sponsorship opportunities in more detail…

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 10th July 2023

 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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