The benefits of attending the Antigua Charter Yacht Show

This year will mark the 63rd Antigua Charter Yacht Show, which will take place from Wednesday 4th to Monday 9th December 2024. Registration will open on 1 June so be sure to put both dates in your diary now to secure your place at one of the most prestigious yacht shows in the world!

 6th May 2024

 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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The show always has an excellent selection of charter yachts in attendance, with 68 attending last year. They’re ready and waiting for inspections from charter brokers and press, crew interviews and for non-exhibiting vendors to go boat to boat introducing their product or service. The show provides the ideal opportunity for members of the yachting industry to network and discover what’s on offer and to secure the best services for their yachts or clients.

The event schedule includes a range of offering and activities during the show, including:

  • Captain’s and chef briefings
  • Concours de Chef (chef and stewards/stewardess competition)
  • Yacht viewings
  • Information hour seminars
  • A range of evening social events
  • Optional sail day

14 reasons to attend our show…

Compare and contrast
The show attracts many different yachts; there are usually around 70 vessels gathered in our marinas for the duration of the show. This provides the ideal opportunity for attendees to explore a range of different yacht types, sizes and options, giving a great overview of what’s available for charter without having to go very far! You can hop between yachts and marinas quickly and easily thanks to our handy shuttle service.

Networking opportunities
Our show is a fantastic place to network and meet other people in the industry whether that be yachts owners and captains, chef and crew, brokers and marine vendors, or sponsors and press - they’ll all be there. You’ll have the chance to mingle every day of the show - at the welcome event, after seminars, out and about in the marinas or at the nightly social events!

Like-minded people
One of the great things about attending the show is being surrounded by others in the industry with a shared interest and passion. You’ll get to meet others from around the world working in the same industry as you and it’ll be a great chance to make friends and acquaintances, share information and make invaluable contacts.

Fantastic brand visibility
For exhibitors, these shows are an opportunity to enhance brand visibility among a targeted audience. Showcasing a yacht, product or service at such a prestigious event can significantly boost a brand's profile in the industry.

Access to the latest innovations
Attendees will be able to view the newest yachts on the market, including their design, technology and innovative features. It’s a great chance to see the services and facilities that the most modern yachts are offering, enabling brokers to gain an overview of the best options for their clients.

Fantastic sponsorship opportunities
The show offers a range of versatile sponsorship opportunities, so there’s something to suit every budget and business need. As a sponsor your business will be front and center, with your services in front of a very captive audience.

Experience it for yourself
As a broker, there’ll be an array of yachts of all specs and sizes for you to view. It’ll allow you to get a first-hand look at what’s available for charter so that you can recommend the most suitable ones to your clients. You can view as many yachts as you have time for, exploring the facilities and features on offer, accommodation and the all-important catering and crew service.

Access the client market
As a yacht owner or captain, you’ll have the opportunity to present your yacht to a large number of brokers who, if they enjoy their experience and like what they see, may recommend your service to their clients, which could result in increased charter bookings.

Yacht services
The show is a great opportunity for marine vendors to promote their services to yacht captains in order to win new business. Likewise, it’s also a fantastic chance for the yacht captains to meet a range of vendors who may be able to help improve their offering or the running of their yachts. This could be particularly useful if captains have elements missing from their service or if they’re not entirely happy with their current suppliers.

Positive publicity
As a range of press attends the show each year, it’s a great chance for attendees to network with them with a view to getting a mention and some positive publicity in the industry publications they’ll be representing.

Market insights and trends
Seminars and presentations in the form of our Informative Hours are a prominent feature of our show, offering insights into the latest market trends, regulatory changes and advancements in technology. Such information is crucial for staying competitive and informed in the rapidly evolving yachting industry, so it’s well worth attending.

Stunning location
As our show is held in Antigua, you’ll get to visit our beautiful island and soak up all it has to offer - including the glorious weather! Breath-taking landscapes, white sandy beaches and a great local culture will all make for an extremely pleasant trip. Our show attracts attendees from around the globe, which means you’re likely to benefit from a rich cultural exchange too.

Make a full holiday of it
Our show is six days in length, but why not bring your partner, family or friends and make a longer holiday of it? There are plenty of touristy things for you to do before or after the show and December is a great time to visit weather-wise as it’s our dry season with little rainfall expected and average temperatures in the low 80s.

You’ll have so much fun!
International charter yacht shows are not just about business; they also offer luxurious experiences, including parties, fine dining and entertainment, set against the backdrop of beautiful marinas and exotic locations. Sometimes business and pleasure should be mixed!

Find out more about the Antigua Charter Yacht Show that takes place every December from 4th-9th. You can even browse our photo galleries for an overview of the show highlights!

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 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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